Good Turn Week 2016

Post date: Mar 30, 2016 11:22:55 AM

On April 30th, 1st Kingston will be participating in a Good Turn Week project with Scouts Canada. We will be building and installing bat boxes throughout the Annapolis River Watershed in effort to improve roosting opportunities for bats. Bat populations have been decimated in recent years by White Nose Syndrome.

Bats are nocturnal and highly beneficial for insect control. They feed nightly up to half their body weight on those pesky mosquitos and other night-flying insects. They also help pollinate and disperse seeds.

The best locations for bat box installation are south-east facing trees, poles, buildings, or barns, with sunlight exposure of 6 or more hours; and, has a natural water source within 400 metres. Bat boxes should be at least 4 metres or more off the ground, be clear from obstructions and out of reach from predators.

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